Your Website. Engaging.Grow your community, monetize your website, and stand out with voice comments.



Heyoya is a voice comments platform that takes you beyond text. Voice is personal and direct, letting you interact with your readers and have conversations as you would, face-to-face.

Monetize below-the-fold advertising and notifications for additional revenue streams.

Easy Integration
Simply copy and paste one line of code, and Heyoya is ready to go!

Fast Loading Time
Heyoya loads in parallel with your website and won’t have any affect on site loading time.

Grow Your Community
Contact your readers directly and keep them updated and engaged.


Rich Media

Combine voice with video, images, GIFs and more so your readers can express themselves better.


Customize the Heyoya widget to reflect your unique brand and content.


Send alerts to your users about new content, special offers and anything else you want to talk about.


Increase User Retention

Keep readers on your site for longer and reduce your bounce rates. Read more.

High Quality Content

Increase content quality, grow brand affinity and improve the SEO of your site. Read more.

Reduce Spam

Avoid spammers and abusive content with email authentication on every commenter. Read more.

24/7 Support

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, the Heyoya team is here for you. Read more.

Better Credibility

All commenters are email verified so your site has better content and credibility. Read more.

Easy to Use Dashboard

Moderate comments and view your analytics simply and easily. Read more.

Share and Engage

Share comments and reviews to social media with just one click. Read more.

Heyoya on mobile

Record and track voice comments on the go. Read more.

Language Support

Use Heyoya in over 20 different languages. Read more.


Heyoya is a publisher-focused voice comments platform. Our technology harvests big data insights to create a meaningful experience for both publishers and site visitors. Heyoya provides comment solutions for websites of all sizes, from blogs to large-scale commercial websites.

With so much digital content, debates and discussions online, people want their voice and opinions heard, now more than ever. With Heyoya, you can build an online community. Site visitors can voice their opinions in a fun, fast and easy way. And when users are more engaged, publishers have better user retention, improved SEO, and more conversions.